chapter  4
Journals of the Century in Sociology
ByLynne Rudasill
Pages 11

This chapter explores journals for scholars, both the generally academic and non-denominational and now often multidisciplinary, and those that have standing as journals of record, policy-setting for major faiths and denominations, active in America. It deals with publications for clergy and particularly committed laypersons who are currently active in the work of the faith, generally within their denomination, but sometimes ecumenically. The chapter presents general interest journals that tend to have religious sponsorship, and usually some social commentary. The Christian Science Journal has been the main organ for publicizing the teachings of the Christian Science Church and its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, and it publishes articles on Christian Science theology. Two periodicals have also attempted to combine religion with the arts, the scholarly Religion and the Arts and the more popular Christianity and the Arts. Human development publishes information on psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and spirituality that would be relevant for people working in Christian education.