chapter  6
Journals of the Century in Music
ByAlan Karass
Pages 33

Studies have ranked by the number of citations to them in law reviews and court cases, the prestige of the authors of the articles published in them, and library usage. The rankings are subjective based upon the author's citation analysis, interpretation of other studies, and experience as a lawyer and law librarian. The Columbia Law Review can rightfully take its place in the pantheon of great law reviews of the twentieth century. Law school admissions enjoyed a marked increase after World War II. Criticism of the proliferation and uniformity of general law reviews fueled the rise in the number of specialized journals as did the needs of students and faculty. The Harvard Environmental Law Review has earned a reputation as one of the top environmental law reviews. It ranks 2nd in my citation analysis and second in Crespi's faculty survey. Professor Crespi ranks the American Journal of International Law first in his survey of law school professors specializing in international law.