chapter  10
Journals of the Century in the American Religious Experience
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The wealth of journal literature on military affairs is enormous, especially in the United States. Military related journals have been published for many years and represent the thinking of military professionals and scholars on military strategy, policy, campaigns, personalities, and history. This chapter addresses military history, strategy, the defense industry, weapons systems, acquisition, military law, international security, procurement, defense policy, intelligence activities, communications, and issues of interest to senior military leadership and governmental leaders. It focuses on joint doctrine, coalition warfare, contingency planning, combat operations conducted by unified commands, and joint force deployments. The quarterly journal of military history (MHQ) was first published and is composed of scholarly articles on military history and military campaigns, with an emphasis on battles and personalities. Armor represents one of the leading branch journals; that is, a publication that is primarily aimed at one of the professional specialties within the Army.