chapter  11
Journals of the Century in Business and Economics
Pages 28

This chapter presents nominate a few exceptions, no more than three titles as most influential journals of the century in each of the major scientific disciplines and their most important specialties and subspecialties. It was a dubiously logical but genuine advance when a Frenchman could argue that having a German scientist publish the first paper on an important discovery in a French journal was a clear indication of the superiority of France. The Journal of Differential Geometry has always published more inclusively, and influentially, than its title might suggest, and is arguably the world's current leader. Geometry focuses on the mathematical study of points, lines, areas and shapes in two or more dimensions of space. A special mention should be made of the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry for dominating its niche, and thereby reclaiming atomic-level work from exclusive control by physicists doing fundamental structural and energy shift studies.