chapter  21
Journals of the Century in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
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Tony Stankus conceived the “Journals of the Century” project to identify journals with the greatest impact as measured by their reputation, influence, and durability in specific categories within disciplines. Depending on the specialty, various selection criteria were used to compile this list of agriculture and veterinary medicine journals. Significant weight was given to bibliometric data, as reported by the Institute for Scientific Information’s Journal Citation Reports. Evaluations were then supplemented with information from published lists, OCLC holdings records, our experience with the journals, and guidance from faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Scholarly journals are emphasized, although important trade publications are occasionally included. Titles were eliminated from consideration if they were (1) annuals, monographic serials, or irregulars, (2) regional, (3) primarily review journals, which by their nature are cited more frequently, (4) primarily proceedings or statistics, (5) abstracting or indexing services, or (6) no longer published. We also eliminated journals identified by Stankus in his lead article.1 With few exceptions, journals listed must have begun publication by 1992 to be included as influential in the twentieth century. During the 1990s the increased specialization of research areas fostered the publication of journals covering narrow aspects of a discipline. If these titles are important and frequently cited, they are occasionally recognized as choices in the lists.