chapter  Seventeen
Structural Determinants of Quantifier Scope: An Experimental Study of Chinese First Language Acquisition
ByYu-Chin Chien
Pages 25

In this chapter, we present the results of an experiment that was designed to examine Chinese-speaking children's interpretations of sentences containing the universal quantifier (every) and the existential quantifier (one). The data are used to evaluate some controversial predictions suggested by several recent theoretical analyses concerning Chinese scope relations. The test sentences are exemplified in (1) to (4). Sentences (1) and (2) are canonical constructions corresponding to the English constructions given in (5) and (6). These constructions preserve the canonical word order of Chinese; that is, the direct object is placed in a postverbal position. Sentences (3) and (4) are Chinese ba-constructions in which the direct object is placed in a preverbal position immediately following the preposition ba (cf. Huang, 1982; Li & Thompson, 1981).