chapter  Four
Long-Distance Reflexives in UG: Theoretical Approaches and Predictions for Acquisition
ByGabriella Hermon
Pages 21

Over the last few years there have been a number of analyses proposed to account for the locality restrictions on reflexives across languages. For example, as was discussed in Cole, Hermon, and Sung (1990), among others, reflexives in English must have local antecedents, whereas those in Chinese can take long-distance antecedents roughly in the domain of the root clause: 1

(1) John think [Tom knows [Bill likes himselfi]].

(2) Zhangsan; renwei [Lisij zhidao [Wangwuk xihuan zijii,j,k]].

Zhangsan thinks Lisi knows Wangwu like self

'Zhangsan thinks that Lisi knows that Wangwu likes himself.'