chapter  6
21 Pages

Notes from the Field: On the Coordinated Use of Quantitative and Qualitative Data

WithM. G. Trend

This chapter deals with the use of ethnographic data and quantitative data on the research project. It shows that of an anthropologist who spent the early part of their career working on federally funded evaluations of social programs. The desirability of combining qualitative and quantitative approaches gets a good deal of lip service. Writing about interdisciplinary research has become a minor growth industry. The chapter suggests that theoretical discussions or philosophy of science justifications for some of the decisions. The local Institutional Review Board comprised a curious mixture of medical researchers, quantitative social scientists, and activists. A good part of the difficulty that serious applied researchers face involves trying to figure out what tools are appropriate for which job. The ethnoscience technique was expensive to implement, and was correctly seen by the on-site researchers a waste of resources.