chapter  22
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Conduct of Officers; Supercargo; Sailing Directions; Log; Ventilation of Cargo

Charterer’s voyage instructions 22.11 In The Andros Mentor, SMA 2125 (Arb. at N.Y. 1985), the vessel was chartered for a

trip from Vancouver to the Philippine Islands. The charterer presented the master with voyage orders to follow the instructions of a weather routing service. The master declined to follow these instructions, however, and instead took a more southerly route recommended by a service retained by the owner. Although the route recommended by the owner’s company added about 688 miles to the length of the voyage, the master decided to follow it because, based on prior experience in trans-Pacific crossings, he believed the more southerly route would be safer and more economical. The charterer later deducted hire for the additional time required to complete the voyage.