chapter  10
Celebrity chefs, ethical food consumption and the good life
ByKaren Lykke Syse
Pages 18

The idea of good food is clustered into three categories, namely local provenance and seasonality, organics and sustainability, and animal welfare. These food attributes are often presented as the antidote to industrial farming. By analysing TV-series, cookbooks and websites from a selection of celebrity chefs from the UK and Scandinavia, this chapter explores how celebrity chefs project ethical food consumption as part of the quest for the good life. It also explores the role celebrity chefs have in transmitting cultural, social and ethical values. The idolisation does not only include celebrity chefs with a strong agenda like the Honorary Jamie Oliver, but also chefs whose main claim to fame is that they procure and produce delicious food. Claiming that the focus on ethical food consumption is only for the well-off is also questionable, indeed stating that belonging to a lower social class automatically indicates that one does not know about, care about or engage with moral issues about eating.