chapter  5
Well-being and environmental responsibility
ByBengt Brülde
Pages 20

This chapter focuses on how the well-being of present people be affected if decided to lead lives in a more environmentally responsible way and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a more sustainable level. However, it might be hard for many to maintain their present happiness if they can no longer drive or fly as much, but on the other hand, many of us may well adapt to a low GHG emission lifestyle over time. Its focus is on the climate problem, but it is worth noting that there are also other environmental problems, and that environmental responsibility includes more than living and acting in a 'climate-friendly' manner. The chapter explores how a more sustainable lifestyle would affect our well-being, and the tentative answer is that most people would most probably be less happy than today if they changed their behaviour, at least in the short run.