chapter  7
Well-being in sustainability transitions
Making use of needs
ByFelix Rauschmayer, Ines Omann
Pages 15

This chapter argues why a transition towards sustainability necessarily creates different kinds of tensions. Currently, discussions on sustainability transitions link the development of small-scale niches of a more sustainable consumption of production to their mainstreaming throughout society, but rarely include the level of individual needs, emotions, or values. The subjective side of quality of life can be understood as the perception of the fulfilment of the needs. It distinguishes between two determinants of quality of life: an objective one relating to environment and a subjective one relating to well-being and personal growth. The chapter examines the objective side of quality of life as the capabilities a person has to fulfil his or her needs. It focuses on how to use this inner-individual level for sustainability transitions. This chapter aims that individuals effectively change their behaviour by implementing new strategies, ideally supported through political change and backed up by knowledge on how this newly elaborated strategy can contribute to sustainability transitions.