chapter  5
Is There Convergence Towards Individual Voice in Europe?
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This chapter examines whether, as often suggested, there has been a convergence towards individual forms of employee voice in Britain, Germany and Sweden. It contributes to debates about the nature and extent of convergence in human resource management (HRM) practices within European organizations. The chapter reviews competing views on the utility of different types of employee voice and how they are manifested within different varieties of capitalism. It also discusses the vexed topics of 'convergence' and 'divergence', hypothesizing a trend away from collective and towards individual voice mechanisms. It also defines collective's voice to encompass all mechanisms founded on employee collectives. In this definition it includes trade unions and joint consultative committees (JCCs) or works councils but also includes other forms. Individual voice also takes various forms: briefing groups, problem solving teams, regular meetings between management and the workforce, newsletters and notice boards, electronic communication including intranet and emails and suggestion schemes.