chapter  1
Muslim family law and legal practice in the West
An introduction
ByElisa Giunchi
Pages 13

The hybridization of the legal system was further complicated by the process of Islamization in the 1970s and 80s. Through this process, relevant segments of Muslim societies expressed the desire to distance themselves from the Western legal model and replace it with 'authentic' Islam, seen as a panacea for all social and economic ills. Most Europeans would have agreed with him on the inevitability of the expansion and ultimate success of the European legal model. The ideas that inspired the Islamization of laws were in many ways a product of the very globalization the process wished to reverse, and 'Islamist' reformists were undoubtedly under the spell of Western influence despite their anti-Western rhetoric. The heterogeneity of Islamic doctrine is a thorny issue when it comes to dispute settlement in the Muslim world, as it brings up the issue of what Islamic source must be referred to and applied, or rather, according to which school and exegetical method.