chapter  29
Education and the post-2015 development agenda
BySimon McGrath
Pages 15

The post-2015 development agenda seems set to reinforce the focus on quantitative global goal setting that characterised the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) era. This has led, in education as in other sectors, to a strong focus on ensuring “a place in the sun” by getting key sectoral and/or subsectoral priorities included within the goals architecture. However, at the time of writing this chapter a year before the goals are due to be finalised, there remain justifiable concerns about the whole project of making goals central to development policy and practice; the quality and coherence of the goals, both generally and in the specific field of education; and the potential consequences for international education of the process. Overall, it appears that the MDGs and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will succeed them are part of the rise of new technologies of development that have overwhelmed more philosophical and theoretical debates and have threatened spaces for practical action. These concerns are the focus of this chapter.