chapter  4
Colonial Urban Planning in Anglophone Africa
ByRobert Home
Pages 14

The chapter is focused on the former Spanish colonies of Morocco, Western Sahara and Equatorial Guinea, which have become part of global hyper capitalist processes, and due to their political stability are currently undergoing rapid economic growth processes which are similar to those happening in contemporary Africa and which have their roots on the historical period of colonization. This chapter analyses the production of social housing for the local population during the colonial era, using three significant case studies: the Mulay Hassan neighborhood; the new city of El Aaiun and Los Angeles neighborhood. The supposedly Moroccan house of Mulay Hassan, the presumably Sahrawi house of El Aaiun or the seemingly Equatoguinean house of Los Angeles did not actually exist, because, in fact, there never were any real models to follow. Social productivity became part of the political ideology in many African colonies, which meant the loss of the natural ways the local populations settled their territories.