chapter  4
Turn Myself to Face Me: David Bowie in the 1990s and Discovery of Authentic Self
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This chapter evaluates the ways in which the myth of David Bowie's Berlin has been constructed and disseminated. Bowie's marriage to Angie was breaking up, he was bored with the rock music and Berlin offered him a space to address both the personal and professional issues away from the media. Bowie is undoubtedly one of the most mythogenic musicians of his era. Today, there are Bowie Tours to be taken, and a long-unified Berlin to sample. One can visit Haupstrasse 155 in the Schoneberg district, and even take a tour of the Hansa Ton Studios positioned, as it was back in the day, metres away from The Wall and the guards who could look directly into the recording studio. Most of the old haunts have closed down the shape very little of the cabaret, the transvestite review, the disco-land of Seventies Berlin exists, and except the tribute form or pastiche.