chapter  4
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Community-based after-school care programs in Japan: potential of nonformal education for children and residents


This chapter focuses on one of the lifelong education projects, citizens' universities for seniors, which has been well received in many communities. It explore's how citizens' universities have contributed to lifelong learning by responding to the needs of the elderly. The chapter examines how citizens' universities see their missions and design and provide courses for seniors, and how seniors make sense of their participation. The chapter examines citizens' universities, which have become one of the major players in social education and lifelong learning in Japan, in particular by responding to the needs of the rapidly ageing society. Fujisawa city citizens' university projects, implemented as public social education projects based on the basic philosophy of lifelong learning, have the potential to ensure that participants have a wide range of learning experiences from which to choose, can contribute what they have learned to the community and, ultimately, enrich their own lives.