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Pediatric Therapy in the 1990s: The Demise of the Educational versus Medical Dichotomy

This chapter discusses areas of general agreement in the field as well as challenges associated with the current state-of-the-art in related service decision-making. It presents a variety of issues pertaining to how decisions are made about educationally related services for students with disabilities. The professional literature is replete with suggested criteria for making related service decisions for students with disabilities. Although the literature highlights many problems regarding related service provision, clearly there have been, many examples where related service providers, educators, and families have worked together effectively to support students with disabilities. Traditionally, many related services have been provided in isolated settings such as therapy rooms using specialized strategies that may be considered unusual or intrusive if used in general classroom settings. The chapter presents series of ideas designed to assist you in considering the related service needs of students with disabilities as they increasingly access typical school and other community environments along with people who do not have disabilities.