chapter  IV
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Finding NLRB and Related Court Decisions

WithSuzanne A. Cohen, Michael Evan Gold

The Labor Board entertains two kinds of cases. The first is an "unfair labor practice case," in which the issue is whether an employer or a labor union infringed on rights protected by the Labor Act. Unfair labor practice cases originate when a "charging party" files a charge in a regional office against a "respondent". The second kind of case entertained by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is a "representation case." The issue in a representation case is whether a labor union is entitled to represent an identified group of workers for purposes of collective bargaining with their employer. Decisions and orders of the NLRB are also available at the Board's web site starting with September 1984. Decisions of the NLRB and the courts are public records, which anyone may republish; and private companies maintain their own series of decisions in labor law.