chapter  VII
26 Pages

Archives and Manuscripts Relating to the NLRB

WithRichard Strassberg, Hope R. Nisly

This chapter identifies the collections of publicly and privately held archives, manuscripts and oral histories with substantial primary source material relating to the history of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Records relating to the National Labor Relations Board, and its predecessor, the National Labor Board, are located at the National Archives and Records Administration. Regional case files not selected for permanent retention for their historical value are retained in-house under custody of the respective regional office of the NLRB for two years following their closure. All cases not settled in the regional office requiring NLRB determination will appear before the Board for a final decision. Selected official records relating to the activities of the Board and its members are permanently retained in a similar fashion as the selected case files and headquarters official case files and may be accessed according to the method for accessing selected case files and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.