chapter  11
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Creativity in Groups and Teams

WithPaul B. Paulus, Timothy S. Larey, Mary T. Dzindolet

Developing new ideas is a key component of the success of large and small businesses. Many small businesses are founded on the basis of ideas of one or more individuals. Such businesses have accounted for most of the new jobs in the United States in the past few years. Some of these small businesses grow to be rather large, such as Nike and Microsoft. Yet, regardless of their size, companies are continually seeking a better idea than their competitors. Their continued survival depends on judicious selection of new directions, products, and programs. Much of the idea generation and decision making in organizations involves groups or teams. Teamwork and lateralization of the organization are trends in many organizations, motivated at least in part by a strong belief in the efficacy of groups or teamwork (Guzzo & Dickson, 1996; Hackman, 1990; Salas & Swezey, 1992; Schrage, 1995; Woodman, Sawyer, & Griffin, 1993).