chapter  6
24 Pages

Unstructured Training and Development: The Role of Organizational Socialization

ByGeorgia T. Chao

This chapter shows that there is coherence and order to the apparent piecemeal approach that was evident in training research, and to the faddish nature that typified training practice. It outlines a number of trends that are indicative of recent progress in the science and practice of training. It also examines whether training works, how it works, why it does or does not work, and under what conditions it is effective has led to more empirical investigations. The chapter focuses on the number of messages new wine about the future of training research and practice. There are organizational influences that dictate how training research should be conducted and applied in practice. The chapter includes the enhanced theoretical notions, data-driven conclusions, improved tools, reciprocity as a goal, and broader perspectives. It offers rich and broader constructs, a number of potential tools, and opportunities to impact the practice of computer-based training.