chapter  9
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Reconsidering Training Evaluation: Heterogeneity of Variance as a Training Effect

ByGeorge M. AUiger and Steven Katzman

There are at least two other important ways to consider the effectiveness of training. One alternative is the analysis of individual change over a long period of time. In this approach, the group of trainees as a whole is often not of essential interest. Rather, the attempt to model individual “growth” curves is central (Rogosa, 1988; Rogosa, Brandt, &Zimowski, 1982; Willet, 1988). This litera­ ture most appropriately addresses long-term training (perhaps better called education) j when a many occasion measurement plan is both appropriate and feasible. When a typical organizational training evaluation is considered, how­ ever, a second alternative way to address the question of training effectiveness becomes attractive. This approach would consider the effect of training on between-person variability-the focus of this chapter.