chapter  37
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Just War Under CyberGaia

ByColonel James Cook

This chapter attempts to answer the former secretary’s query, albeit in a roundabout fashion. Gates does not say why his advisors in the Department of Defense were stumped for so long. Perhaps they got hung up on the definitions of concepts such as cyberattack, cyberwar, and the like. A comprehensive response to Gates’s challenge would require a significantly longer treatment than a chapter in this compendium allows. So a sketch will have to suffice. In the very near future, distinctions between cyberwar and non-cyberwar will be even harder to draw than they presently are. By trying to define cyberwar, we will discover a paradoxical but cogent response to the former secretary’s question: that an ethics of cyberwar has almost nothing to do with the fact that it is cyberwar rather than another kind of conflict. What we should care about is what cyberattacks do and what they are intended to do-the proper concerns related to any kind of war.