chapter  1
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The legislative role of the Security Council’s thematic resolutions

WithVesselin Popovski

The Council continues to address and respond to many country-specific situations it has also, in parallel, begun to consider major global problems such as terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), protection of civilians, recruitment of child soldiers, illegal arms smuggling that compel behavioral changes beyond the specific actors to a crisis. Interestingly in this case, the Security Council not only developed the implementation of international law, but also urged states to undertake domestic legislative changes in order to be in full compliance with the counter-terrorist resolutions. In addition to country-specific resolutions, the Security Council introduced thematic resolutions addressing these global problems and imposing obligations on all UN member states. The discussions in the General Assembly eventually gathered enough support to convene the Rome Conference for an International Criminal Court (ICC) in 1998, which resulted in the adoption of the 1998 Rome Statute for the International Criminal Cour a global treaty, which led to the establishment of the ICC.