chapter  3
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The coming “Coke moment”

WithCharles Sampford

This chapter explores a Coke moment with regard to the Security Council, which also combines what might otherwise be executive, judicial and legislative power. It is also important to recognize that the Coke moment only had long-term effects because of the responses of others first to save him from the tower and later to build institutional support and to counter institutional opposition or avoidance. Domestic public lawyers used to a tripartite division of power are generally astonished at the strange constitutional beast, the Security Council. It emanated out of the 'big three' with the addition of two former great powers to which the United Kingdom and the United States had particular attachment China and France. The British monarchy is still with us and remains enormously popular. It executive was stronger, more efficient and more effective for the Hayekian rule of law reasons even before meaningful democracy gave the popular legitimacy.