chapter  5
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Surfacing the multiple: diffractive methods for rethinking professional practice and knowledge


This chapter provides an overview of co-production and how the discourse has been taken up as a central element of the health reform agenda globally. Professor Alison Lee had become aware of the concept through her engagement with the work of Anna Yeatman on the development of disability services in Australia. One of the many challenges involved in translating policy into practice is the difficulty for individuals engaged with change management and professional practice in understanding what high-level generalized concepts. Reviewing the health reform literature, people were struck by the incommensurability between the scale of the change anticipated and/or required, learning, relearning and 'unlearning', and the reliance on front-end, time-limited and cognitivist-based training approaches. Within the studies, one of the most strongly presented and elaborated themes was the way in which many participants had taken on a very different view of the service user, shifting away from the 'deficit' view associated with traditional forms of health practice.