chapter  6
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Nurturing occupational expertise in the contemporary workplace: an ‘apprenticeship turn’ in professional learning


This chapter explores professional responsibility in terms of managing sensitivity, treating patients with respect as human beings, and fulfilling professional obligations in the conduct of the examination. It presents the notion of a sociomaterial curriculum, drawing on Theodore Schatzki to theorize learning and pedagogy as bundles of practices and material arrangements. The chapter argues that sociomaterial curriculum is useful in connecting developments in sociomaterial theories of practice with questions of learning and pedagogy. It draws on curricular concepts in order to link practice theory to questions of learning and pedagogy. The chapter explores the performance of the visual inspection as a set of bodily doings and sayings that require close and responsive attunement between bodies and things. It concerns how students learn to collaborate with a patient as a person rather than examining a biological body. Schatzki's ontology proposes that the site of all social life comprises a nexus or bundle of practices and material arrangements.