chapter  7
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A technology shift and its challenges to professional conduct: mediated vision in endodontics


This chapter explores the forms of responsibilities that emerge from this very unique practice arrangement, and the ways in which these are negotiated and interpreted by self-employed nurses. It delves into the unique working conditions and demands placed upon self-employed nurses, and address some questions by taking a practice-based perspective and considering the sociomaterial aspects of nursing entrepreneurship. For self-employed nurses, practice-based knowledge, learning, and change are fundamental as they strive for innovation, change, and new meaning in their work. The chapter presents their work experiences and professional values demonstrate how these dimensions of practice interact in a fluid, organic way, revealing the connections among what they know, how their knowledge evolves, and how they negotiate change while continuing to value the essence of nursing practice. Nursing self-employment provides an excellent example of the fluidity of practice, knowledge, learning, and change in professional work.