chapter  9
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Interprofessional working and learning: a conceptualization of their relationship and its implications for education


This chapter explores the question of how to prepare professional practitioners for their ethical responsibilities to planetary sustainability. It looks at the time of the Anthropocene, the new geological age of human-induced changes to planetary processes, and asks: How can people re-think professional learning in relation to our responsibilities to the planet, and to the more-than-human world. The chapter outlines author's own professional learning to 'think through country' from collaborative research with Australian Aboriginal researcher Chrissiejoy Marshall as a possible framework for planetary sustainability. It uses this framework to examine a series of projects about teacher education and teacher professional learning designed to develop new curriculum and pedagogies through participatory action research, and in community discussions about professional learning needs. The chapter draws on professional networks of educators and sustainability practitioners in order to map what is currently a new and unexplored field of research.