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Introduction: Sociomaterial professional knowing, work arrangements and responsibility: new times, new concepts?

This chapter focuses on the educational literature to sketch some modes of understanding teacher professional learning as a field of study. New socioeconomic conditions have resulted in significant reconfiguration of professional learning and professional education. It examines how teacher learning is accomplished through the concrete practices of relationality is to 'orient toward new conceptual, and, with this, ethical territories of inquiry'. It takes its inspiration from the shared concern in non-representational theory (NRT) and Actor-network theory (ANT) with material practices. According to cognitivist approaches to professional learning, this growth is located in the individual professional, or prospective professional. An ontology that is relational in play affording the possibility of researching 'the human as relationally configured with whatever is present together with her or him in specific situations'. Thus, the samples of work brought along by teachers to the panel meetings are not 'matterings' in which these teachers engage; they are products of human endeavour.