chapter  2
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Learning through epistemic practices in professional work: examples from nursing and computer engineering


This chapter presents how a technology shift challenged professional dentists based on a sociocultural and dialogical perspective. It focuses on how the professionals describe their experience of working with the microscope, and the gaps that emerged that seemed to significantly challenge their professional conduct. In other areas of medicine, the visual technology is known to have created an entirely new work environment in which to pursue surgical procedures. The technologies used, however, are also intertwined with the second part of endodontic treatment, in an intricate manner, since not only professional vision but also the coordination of hand and gaze are dependent on how the tool mediates particular affordances and constraints for action. The experience of discovering unidentifiable things could be challenging in terms of professional judgement. These concerns about not knowing how to interpret new information provided through the use of the microscope incorporate potential for future development of medical treatments and knowledge in endodontic practice.