chapter  6
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Constructivism and postmodernism for education in China: a critique

We have discussed the policy recommendations of the NCR and the perceptions of Chinese educational stakeholders regarding China’s educational borrowing from the West. This chapter critiques the ideologies of constructivism and postmodernism that underpin the NCR, with a focus on their cultural compatibility in the Chinese context.In discussing the cultural issues and challenges, we need to ask a fundamental question: How are constructivism and postmodernism understood and appropriated by Chinese academics and educators? The first part of the chapter expounds on the tenets and characteristics of

constructivism and postmodernism. This is followed by a discussion of three key cultural challenges that arise from the adoption of these two ideologies in Chinese classrooms. As constructivism is more commonly cited and emphasised compared to postmodernism by Chinese academics and educators, the discussion in this chapter focuses more on the former.