chapter  1
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Motivation to learn and quality of life: an undergraduate student’s perspective


At the time of writing, I am a student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and have successfully completed my third year of the medical programme (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). Prior to enrolling in my studies at university, I was told that university life would provide me with some of the most enjoyable memories in my life. At first glance, this appears to conflict with my initial impression and my versions of reality. This is because, each day, we are immersed in new information, given assignments and tests, and inundated with social events. All within a fleeting time frame of 24 weeks; few lifestyles can compare to this one! Now, halfway through my degree, I think I am beginning to understand the value of these years. In this chapter, I would like to share my experience of being an undergraduate student, identifying sources of motivation and enjoyment and also areas of hardship that have impacted on my quality of life. While the journey is different for everyone, I hope that my perspective helps students and educators alike learn about this important stepping-stone on the academic journey.