chapter  11
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The (social) context of memory

WithWilliam Hirst

This concluding chapter describes that William Hirst distills the relevant and common themes that have been discussed throughout the book. He integrates the various interdisciplinary studies of the individual chapters and emphasizes why interdisciplinary and multi-scale approaches to remembering and context at different time-scales are needed to better understand the ways in which context shapes memories and memories shape future contexts. The chapter discusses the context in memory that memory in context and context in memory, because it focuses almost exclusively on social context. The social context includes much more than the social artifacts and practices associated with a particular culture, or community. The memory in context and context in memory concentrated its efforts on the effects of environmental and semantic contexts. The different social contexts can have a profound effect on memorizing and remembering. Taking context seriously fundamentally alters the way in which students of memory think about memory and about what they need to study when investigating memory.