chapter  4
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Emotional context, rehearsal and memories

The mutual contributions and possible integration of flashbulb memory and eyewitness identification research
WithRafaele Dumas, Olivier Luminet

This chapter explores that Rafaele Dumas and Olivier Luminet providing a novel approach to examine context by attempting to bridge two disparate yet related fields of research: eyewitness testimony and flashbulb memory (FBM). In doing so, they find many similarities across the fields of study which provide insights into the mnemonic processes which occur within each context and provide extremely useful fodder for future interdisciplinary research. In FBM research, the goal is to understand why people report many vivid details of the context in which they hear an event with a high level of confidence, and often produce consistent renderings when describing such context reception. The chapter examines whether FBM models help elucidate mnemonic processes involved when remembering a perpetrator's face and also describes how models developed in the FBM field provide a valuable framework in order to better understand the mnemonic processes involved when eyewitnesses recollect a crime scene.