chapter  6
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Concepts of social context in memory

Social scientific approaches 1
WithChristian Gudehus

This chapter describes three dimensions in which social context is to be considered central to the study of remembrance and memory. The first dimension considers the functionality of memory and remembrances in the context of social actions. The second dimension focuses on the conditions that facilitate, establish and form semantic and episodic memories. The third dimension relates the individual and disciplinary research results to those of other disciplines or social scientific research approaches. The social functions and abilities, such as strategically using references to the past, were highlighted in the chapter. This aspect is readily evident in Tradierungsforschun, appropriation and practice theory. Tradierungsforschung emphasizes the importance of the communicative context as much the content of the actual memory being remembered. Appropriation emphasizes the importance of how actors put themselves into relation to their social and physical environment by acting. Practice theory focuses on routinized physical and mental activities.