chapter  9
33 Pages

Scaffolded joint action as a micro-foundation of organizational learning

WithBrian R. Gordon, Georg Theiner

This chapter describes that Brian R. Gordon and Georg Theiner proposing the Scaffolded Joint Action model as a way of making sense of, not only the definition of organizational learning, but also how it works. It further examines routines and capabilities as an important micro-foundation for organizational learning. The organizational learning, within the organization theory and management literatures, concerns the experientially driven changes in knowledge processes, structures, and resources that enable organizations to perform skillfully in their task environments. It encompasses organizational knowledge and organizational knowledge creation processes; absorptive capacity, organizational memory and cognition, sensemaking, and related areas. Gordon and Theiner cogently and meticulously take the chapter through the transitions from individual action through shared collaborative activities to organizational action. As they expertly navigate these transitions they highlight the importance of each transition and its relevance in understanding how humans can form collaborative interactions and organizational learning.