chapter  9
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Just a John?

Pornography and Men’s Choices 1
WithRobert Jensen

John objection was not to pornography and men's routine purchase and use of women's bodies for sexual pleasure, but to viewing it with women present. Pornography comes in all forms and all kinds of people consume porn. In this discussion, however, the author specifically refers to heterosexual pornography. The commercial pornography industry grew steadily during the late twentieth-century and seems to have peaked in the mid-2000s. Feminism is advanced, some argue, when women can join the ranks of those who buy and sell other human beings. This argument is a predictable result of the collaboration of capitalism and patriarchy. Pornography is profitable when men take it as their right to consume women's sexuality. Feminist analysis of pornography will not shrink from its own discoveries. Buying women is wrong not because of a society's repressive moral code or its effects on an individual's psychological process.