chapter  6
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Who Were We Becoming? Revisiting Cultural Production in Room 217

BySaskia Stille

To reflect upon contemporary changes relating to the use of digital media in education, this chapter draws on ethnographic data gathered during a schooluniversity research collaboration and follow-up interviews with one teacher and several students 3 years after the project was completed. Exploring several significant literacy events (Heath, 1983) across the timespan of the project and beyond, the chapter articulates the limits of fixing affective, embodied events as static moments in time. Rather, these events can be seen as constituting critical becomings, performances of bodies and selves in motion, and on their way to becoming other. This revisit was not a one-time activity, nor did it focus on empirical data alone; rather, the return was situated in an extended engagement with fieldwork and a continuous process of interrogating the theoretical perspectives with which these data were analyzed and understood. Ongoing dialogue between both observation-theory and researcher-participants comprises what Burawoy (2003) calls a rolling revisit, the continuous re/shaping of understandings that emerges at the intersection of embodiment, location, and habitus of the researcher and the researched (p. 669).