chapter  15
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Teacher Inquiry and Professional Development

ByKathryn Castle

These two quotes from teachers at different levels exemplify several things about teacher inquiry. First, teachers at all levels engage in teacher inquiry. It is not just for classroom teachers with the possible collaboration of teacher educators. Teacher educators research their own practices and can become advocates for teacher research as valid research (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 2009; Souto-Manning, 2012). Second, it puts the teacher in the role of a learner focused on learning about and from learners and their needs. Third, it involves a continuous disposition as results from one study are applied and lead to new questions to explore (Ellis & Castle, 2010). As such, it becomes a means of professional development for those doing it. In addition, it can be transformative in the sense that what teachers learn changes their teaching in ways that they can no longer return to what they were doing before (Castle, 2006; Megowan-Romanowicz, 2010; Souto-Manning, 2012).