chapter  19
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Multiculturally Sustaining Pedagogy in Early Childhood Teacher Education

ByMariana Souto-Manning, Ranita Cheruvu

This lack of or limited understanding regarding multicultural education refl ects the myriad of ways the fi eld of early childhood education has understood and responded to the diversities of young children. Historically, in the U.S., diversities have been thought of as inherently inferior, as comprising defi cits, or as being an add-on to the so-called “normal” curriculum (Carter & Goodwin, 1994; Goodwin, Cheruvu, & Genishi, 2008). Although there is an emerging understanding that the growing diversity of young children in early childhood care and educational settings necessitates a shift in teaching practices, there is a lack of a clear vision as to what this practice should be or should look like (SoutoManning, 2013). Early childhood educators often feel unprepared to teach diverse young children and may be reluctant to engage in multicultural teaching (Ray & Bowman, 2003; Valli & Rannert-Ariev, 2000).