chapter  24
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Alternative Perspectives on Early Childhood Teacher Education: Shifting Pedagogies

ByJ. Amos Hatch

In my offi ce I have a sign I picked up in a little shop on a side street in Avignon, France. The sign reads: PLACE DES BRICOLEURS . For me, the sign symbolizes the kind of paradoxical thinking, writing, and teaching that have characterized the most recent period of my academic career. In ordinary translation, a bricoleur is a handyman (a bricoleuse a handywoman). A bricoleur or bricoleuse is one who solves problems using whatever materials and tools are readily available (i.e., he or she practices bricolage ). Bricolage can be practiced in the arts, in philosophy, in architecture, in research, and in education (see e.g., Derrida, 1978; Hatton, 1989; Kincheloe, 2005a).