chapter  5
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The Turning Point of One Teacher Education Program: Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention of Diverse Teacher Candidates

ByOmiunota N. Ukpokodu

This chapter explores the creation of a diversity strategic plan for the COE at Northern Illinois University, a Midwestern research-focused university. As Sobel and Taylor stated, 'Though promoting acceptance, tolerance, and respect for diversity are commendable goals, multicultural coursework in general can stop short of affirming one's own and other's diversity'. Hodgkinson showed that while minority student enrollment in higher education has in fact increased, in colleges of education it has decreased as many minority students choose to enter other degree programs. Sleeter and Bernal pointed out, one might think of CRT in education as a developing theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and pedagogical strategy that accounts for the role of race and racism in US education and works toward the elimination of racism as part of a larger goal of eliminating other forms of subordination. Mirroring Noguera's sentiment, our recently retired university president consistently espoused the idea that graduates from the university should have understanding of and commitment to social justice.