chapter  10
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Tactics and Strategies for Breaking the Barriers to a Diverse Teaching Force

ByWilliam F. Ellis, Kitty Kelly Epstein

This chapter is intended to be practical. It does not analyze demographics, history, or theory because these topics are covered elsewhere in this book and in our own earlier writing (Epstein, 2012a, 2012b, 2005). The chapter has two purposes. (a) It can serve as a handbook of specific tactics to diversify the teaching force in a particular community or higher education institution. We discuss five barriers and suggest that readers address each of them with the recommendations at the end of that section. (b) The chapter outlines a strategic approach to creating a movement that can break down the barriers to diversifying the teaching force more broadly across the country. We argue that the teacher diversity problem is so pervasive that a movement for change, which can be started by virtually anyone, anywhere in the country, is badly needed. With the tactics we suggest, almost any group can produce some changes, thereby addressing two of the biggest problems for communities of color everywhere-lack of meaningful, stable employment and lack of enjoyable, affirming, and effective education.