chapter  2
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Teach Tomorrow in Oakland: History, Teacher Profiles, and Lessons Learned

ByRachelle Rogers-Ard, Kimberly Mayfield Lynch

The Grow Your Own Teachers (GYO) initiative in Illinois, as state law with state funding, invests in low-income paraprofessionals, parents, and community leaders who want to teachers but cannot afford college. The initiative that was to become GYO was started by Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA), community organizing group working in a low-income Latino neighborhood. A GYO fifth-grade teacher organized science fair and invited several NEIU faculty members and the director of Action Now Institute to be judges, allowing them assess seventh and eighth graders they discussed their hypotheses. The TAP, similar to the Praxis in many other states, an exam whose passage is required to enter a teacher preparation program. The dean is a member of Southwest Organizing Project's Community Education Team, working with local schools, principals, and teachers. Research demonstrates that teachers have to be on the job 3 or 4 years before they have honed their craft and can begin to see large gains in student achievement.