chapter  3
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Changing the Field: Teachers of Color Move Into Leadership Positions

ByFlynn Ross, Audra M. Watson, and Robert W. Simmons III

This chapter describes Pathways2Teaching, a precollegiate program designed to engage high school students of color in exploring the teaching profession as an avenue for engaging with, giving back to, and righting wrongs within their communities. Pathways2Teaching was founded on six guiding principles, which were informed by national issues in urban education and are organized in two clusters. Francisco completed a comprehensive literature review examining the chronology of proposed DREAM Act legislation, developed an interview protocol, and videoed his interviewees as they recounted personal experiences and frustrations with unrealized plans. His research revealed that undocumented students felt a sense of hopelessness without comprehensive immigration reform that includes tuition equity, the right to work, and a path to citizenship. Darryl, a 12th-grade student in our first cohort, wanted to explore teacher's understanding of the foster care system and its impact on students. More specifically, he wanted to know what training and experience, if any, teachers had in this area.