chapter  11
13 Pages

Embodying policy studies

Feminist genealogy as methodology
WithWanda S. Pillow

This chapter talks about feminism, embodiment and genealogy. The feminisms are committed to an analysis of power and patriarchy by centring women's experiences and voices while simultaneously remaining suspicious of essentialist foundational claims about the category of woman. Before looking at Title IX, the preeminent 1972 United States federal civil rights law prohibiting sex discrimination in education, it is necessary to consider the 'body politic' surrounding teen pregnancy in the US. The chapter examines how teen pregnancy has been defined as a problem and the lack of research on teen pregnancy as an educational issue. Although teen pregnancy is commonly negatively linked to school completion and earning capacity, policy discussions at the intersections of social welfare and education occur as if Title IX does not exist. The chapter also considers the role of case law in the construction of equal education opportunity for young mothers.