chapter  17
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Thinking rhizomatically

Using Deleuze in education policy contexts
WithEileen Honan

This chapter explains the analytic methods associated with 'rhizo-textual analysis' and it will be explicated. Rhizo-textual methods are not fixed in themselves. Indeed, thinking rhizomatically requires a movement away from method, there is no methodological instrumentality to be unproblematically learned. Undertaking an analysis of texts that are rhizomatic requires an understanding of the possibilities for discourses to operate in rhizomatic ways. Rather than seeing discourses operating within policy texts as separate, or layered, rhizotextual analyses uncover their connections through multiple and diverse threads and links. The term, provisional linkages can be used to describe these connections between elements, fragments, flows, of disparate status and substance. It also provides some examples of the use of rhizotextual analytic strategies in particular relation to the policy texts. The chapter also gives possible explanation of how thinking rhizomatically can challenge and change the way one think about the relations between teachers and policy texts.